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We've helped 100's of gyms increase profits during the pandemic w/ our turn-key lead generation system

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We pioneered the "6 week challenge" marketing model back in 2015, and our Facebook Lead Machine works better than ever!

Works for YOU no matter what YOU do


350+ gym partners

Fitness / CrossFit

We help CrossFit boxes, bootcamps, and personal trainers all over the country. We've also helped larger entities like Orange Theory and F45.


100+ studio partners

Yoga / Pilates

We help locally owned studios all over the USA, Australia & New Zealand. We've also helped public companies like YogaWorks with 65+ locations.

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400+ studio partners

Martial Arts

We help mom and pop studios: Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing & Karate. We've also helped franchises like Krav Maga Worldwide & Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

What is

Level Up's Facebook Lead Machine?

We've been optimizing our marketing funnels and creative ads since 2015, working with hundreds of gym clients, and spending millions of dollars on Facebook advertising. Through that expertise, we created Level Up's

Facebook Lead Machine 

A turn-key, state-of-the-art lead generation system designed for the fitness industry that combines creative advertising strategies and highly optimized marketing funnels to find and acquire new customers via Facebook. 

How The Marketing Funnel Works (basically)

(New Potential Member) sees our super cool ad on Facebook and decides to click the button

(New Potential Member) fills out our application form and becomes a "lead"

(New Potential Member) books appointment for in-person or virtual consultation


YOU GET Facebook Ad Support & Pixel Access

We build out multiple ad templates on your Facebook ad account

We connect your ad account to the Level Up Pixel so you get the benefit of our "ad intelligence"

We teach you our best practices in a 2 hour Zoom advertising crash course

YOU GET Lead Dashboard, Form Builder & Scheduler

Access leads on your dashboard, view contact info and answers to survey questions

Use our application form templates or create dynamic ones of your own, it's super easy to do


Set up your appointment scheduler and manage your calendar 

YOU GET New Customers, Consistently

Capture new leads at your own pace; 20/week, 50/week, it's up to you

Build local awareness for your gym with consistent local advertising

Increase your profits, survive the pandemic, and advance to the next round!

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